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Developing Understanding and Competencies

Enrollment in this course is by invitation only

About This Course

In this course, we pilot an approach to teaching and learning that aims to support participants to develop understanding, skills and dispositions and the ability to use these in real life, as they engage with the course content.

We use two distinct entry points, which we believe are accessible for people relatively new to meditation:

  • Going Beyond Influence; and
  • Identity and the impact on Relationships.

Going Beyond Influence

Meditators aim to develop a stage of being that is often described as being "Detached and Loving". In this state, the original qualities of the spiritual self are emerged and effortlessly experienced as a natural state. In this state of being, one is also beyond influence. On the one hand, all this requires is an emerged and stable spiritual awareness. However, it takes time for most people to sufficiently understand, develop and emerge it, as natural state or habit.

One of the tools that meditators use to develop this stage is the use of specific attitudes. In this module, we explore the different attitudes that meditators use to reduce susceptibility to influence.

Identity and the impact on Relationships

We have multiple identities based on which, for instance, we do what we do and create our image. It also influences our belief system about others and ourselves. These belief systems have an impact on our relationships.

People who practice meditation learn to discover their inner world of virtues, which gradually becomes the basis for their identity. They can let go of the labels that they were given or assumed and experience a positive relationship with themselves and others.

In this module, we explore the impact that identity has on the relationship with others and ourselves.


Participation in this course is open to those who have completed either "the Foundation Course of the Raj Yoga Meditation course" in-class, "Part 1 of the Practical Meditation Program" or the Developing Spiritual Awareness online course on this platform.

Course Staff

This course has been designed and developed by experience Meditation Teachers who have been exploring best practice in teaching and learning in the last two years. They will also act as moderators, coaches and mentors for particpants during the course.

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