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Getting Help and Frequently Asked Questions


Q1                To solve issues with setting up or signing into your account

Please consult the following guidance.

Q2                What do I do if I have a question?

              • If you have a question about a specific topic, go to the discussion forum in that part of the course and post your question on that forum. If you are new to discussion forums, please see the guidelines for using the forums on the previous page.
              • To get help with a technical problem, to send a message to

Q3                Who grades my exercises?

The exercises are usually fact-based and are automatically checked and graded. There are also some exercises which are peer graded and or self-graded.

Q4                Can I get a certificate?

We will likely be offering certificates on successful completion of the course in the future. If you have any questions, please send an email to

Q5                Why does the video stop midway through?

We have opted to use in-video-quizzes, in videos longer than three minutes, for reasons set out on the Course Delivery page. When the video stops, check if there is a question you need to answer. Please note, that you may need to scroll down to see the "Submit" and "Continue" buttons.

Q6                The "Submit" button is not available after submitting a wrong answer to a question. 

If you see a "Reset" button, please reset before you proceed. Otherwise, try selecting another answer and you should see the "Submit" button reappear. 

Q7                Is the course available on mobile phones and tablets?

You can access the course through these devices. We will aim to improve the mobile user experience further in the future.

Q8                Is the course available in different languages?

For the 2018 Beta versions, the learning platform will be available in English and in a few other languages such as French, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian and Chinese. Based on your location, the language will automatically be adjusted. The open edX platform uses Transifex for translation. Please note that not all platform content has been translated yet; it differs by language and contributions are welcome. We also have not opted for all available languages yet, if there is a specific language you like us to add, please do let us know.

The course content, however, is available in English at the moment. We plan to add translation captions to the videos in the Summer or Autumn 2018. If you like to help with translation, please do get in touch.

On popular demand, we may consider launching courses in different languages, if we have the appropriate language skills and resources to do so. 

Q9                I like to help. How can I do that?

Get in touch with us @ There are many ways you could help and support this initiative. 

Q10              What is the purpose of the Meditation Practice units?

We have provided more information about the course activities, the building blocks of the course and the course features on the Course Delivery page.

Q11              What is the difference between sharing in the discussion forums and journaling exercises?

The purpose of the two types of exercises is different. Some explanation is included in the Course Delivery page. You may not always get feedback on your posts in the discussion forums while you more likely will in the journaling exercises. So these add a different dimension to the experience and encourage you to discover and learn from your fellow students.

Q12              Can I study in a small group based on language or experience? 

If the number of students is large enough, there will be the option to do this. Let us know if you would like to do that and we can look into it.

Q13             Can I take notes during the course?

Yes, you can. Follow the following link for guidance on how to use the notes tool: How to make notes