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Course Outline

About the course

General information about this course, the instructors and how to get help if needed.

 Video: 0.1.1 About the Course

 Video: 0.1.2 A Taster: Simply Be

  Video: 0.1.3 About the Brahma Kumaris

Welcome and Introductions

 Video: 0.2.1 Welcome

 Text: 0.2.2 Introducing the Instructors

Text: 0.2.3 Introduce Yourself

Text: 0.2.4 Meditation and You Survey

Text: 0.2.5 Exercise


Module 1: What is meditation?

Learn about the benefits of meditation and understand the basic steps of meditation.

 Video: 1.1.1 Why Meditate?

 Video: 1.1.2 What is Meditation?

Text: 1.1.3 The 7 Main Meditation Skills

Text: 1.1.4 Meditation Skill: Relaxation

 Text:  1.1.5 Meditation Tip: Am I doing it right?

Video: 1.1.6 More about Raja Yoga (Optional)

Meditation Lab

Animation: 1.2.1 Meditation practice – when, where and how to meditate?

Text: 1.2.2 Meditation Skill: Concentration

Text: 1.2.3 Meditation exercise: Centering in the Present

 Text: 1.2.3 Meditation exercise: Your Mind's Screensaver

  Text: 1.2.5 The Different type of thoughts

Animation: 1.2.6 Meditation practice: How to meditate?

Text: 1.2.7 Meditation Skill: Visualisation

 Text: 1.2.8 Wrap Up

Module 2: Who am I?

Learn about the difference between physical and spiritual identity, and explore and observe how you move from thought to experience.

Text: 2.1.1 Meditation Skill: Meditation

 Video: 2.1.2 Who Am I?

Video: 2.1.3 Meditation commentary – Detached Observer

 Video: 2.1.4 Identity and My Relationships

Text: 2.1.5 Exercise: Attributes of the soul and body

Text: 2.1.6 Exercise: Unravelling identity

Text: 2.1.7 Exercise: Lemon visualisation

2.2 Meditation Lab

Text: 2.2.1 Meditation exercise – Centering in the Soul Consciousness

Animation: 2.2.2 Moving from thought into experience

 Text: 2.2.3 Analogy – The lost diamond

Text: 2.2.4 Meditation Skill: Silence

Text: 2.2.5 Exercise: Journey into Stillness

 Text: 2.2.6 Analogy – The hidden star

Text: 2.2.7 Wrap Up

2.3 Meditation Lab 

Text: 2.3.1 Journaling


Module 3: Soul Consciousness

To explore through experiments, what it feels like to be soul conscious and to discover what helps you to step into and enjoy meditation.

Text: 3.1.1 Meditation Skill: Sharing

 Video: 3.1.2 What is soul consciousness?

Animation: 3.1.3 Understanding meditation

 Video: 3.1.4 Soul Consciousness and Meditation

Meditation Practice: 3.1.5 Moving into Soul Consciousness

Meditation Lab

Animation: 3.2.1 The Upheaval in Body Consciousness

Animation: 3.2.2 The Serenity in Soul Consciousness

Text: 3.2.3 Meditation practice and homework

Text: 3.2.4 Meditation exercise – In the Centre of your Life

Text: 3.2.5 Analogies

Animation: 3.2.6 The Experience of the Detached Observer

Text: 3.2.7 Meditation exercises

3.3 Meditation Lab

Exploration: 3.3.1 Journaling

Week 3

Module 4: This thing called mind

Learn about the faculties of the soul and how to use this understanding to take control of the self.

4.1 The Mind (Man)

 Video: 4.1.1 The Faculties of the Soul

 Video: 4.1.2 The Mind (Man)

 Video: 4.1.3 Meditation lab – Thoughts and choices (story)

Video: 4.1.4 Meditation Commentary – Inner sanctuary meditation

Text: 4.1.5 Exercise – Difference between thinking and creating thoughts

4.2 The Intellect (Bhudi)

 Video: 4.2.1 The Intellect (Budhi)

 Video: 4.2.2 More about the Intellect

 Text: 4.2.3 Meditation exercise – Stop, Observe and Steer

Text: 4.2.4 Story of the Woodcutter

Text: 4.2.5 Story - Holding on

4.3 Impressions (Sanskars)

 Video: 4.3.1 Impressions (Sanskars)

 Video: 4.3.2 More about Impressions

Text: 4.3.3 Meditation exercise – Experiencing your Eternity

Animation: 4.3.4 Changing old habits and beliefs

 Text: 4.3.5 Examples

Text: 4.3.6 Analogies

 Video: 4.3.7 Meditation commentary - Stepping Inward


4.4 Meditation Lab

Exploration: 4.4.1 Journaling


Module 5: The Supreme

Explore the concept of the Supreme and how we connect to and use this external Source of Power effectively.

5.1 Meditation and and the Link with the Supreme

 Text: 5.1.1 Meditation Skill: Connecting

 Video: 5.1.2 Self Mastery and the Link with the Supreme

 Video: 5.1.3 Who is the Supreme? - Part 1

 Video: 5.1.4 Who is the Supreme? - Part 2

Animation: 5.1.5 The Supreme

Video: 5.1.6 Luminous light meditation

Text :  5.1.7 Meditation lab - Exercises

5.2 My relationship with the Divine and the Home

 Video: 5.2.1 The Supreme Parent

 Video: 5.2.2 The Supreme as the Friend, Teacher and Guide

 Video: 5.2.3 The Three Dimensions

Animation: 5.2.4 Meditation and the Home

Video: Commentary – 5.2.5 Experiencing the Supreme

Text: 5.2.6 Meditation lab - Exercises

5.3 Connecting and taking power from the Divine

 Video: 5.3.1 Connecting and Taking Power - Part 1

 Video: 5.3.2 Connecting and Taking Power - Part 2

Video: 5.3.3 Meditation commentary – Link of life

Text: 5.3.4 Exploration

5.4 Meditation Lab

Exploration: 5.4.1 Journaling

MODULE 6: Conclusion

This module provides a summary and the essence of the course, along with suggestions for next steps in your journey.

6.1 Consolidation

Text: 6.1.1 Meditation is really remembrance

Video: 6.1.2 Meditation commentary – Inner power

6.2 Inspiration

 Video: 6.2.1 Inspiration

Video: 6.2.2 Meditation commentary – Success in the mind

 Text: 6.2.3 What’s next?

Text: 6.2.4 Feedback